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August 21, 2014

Python Anywhere

New release - a few new packages, some steps towards postgres, and forum post previews

Today's upgrade included a few new packages in the standard server image:

  • OpenSCAD
  • FreeCAD
  • inkscape
  • Pillow for 3.3 and 3.4
  • flask-bootstrap
  • gensim
  • textblob

We also improved the default "Unhandled Exception" page, which is shown when a users' web app allows an exception to bubble up to our part of the stack. We now include a slightly friendlier message, explaining to any of the users' users that there's an error, and explaining to the user where they can find their log files and look for debug info.

And in the background, we've deployed a bunch of infrastructure changes related to postgres support. We're getting there, slowly slowly!

Oh yes, and we've enabled dynamic previews in the forums, so you get an idea of how the markdown syntax will translate. It actually uses the same library as stackoverflow, it's called pagedown. Hope you find 'em useful!

by harry at August 21, 2014 07:05 AM

August 20, 2014

Ian Ozsvald

Data Science Training Survey

I’ve put together a short survey to figure out what’s needed for Python-based Data Science training in the UK. If you want to be trained in strong data science, analysis and engineering skills please complete the survey, it doesn’t need any sign-up and will take just a couple of minutes. I’ll share the results at the next PyDataLondon meetup.

If you want training you probably want to be on our training announce list, this is a low volume list (run by MailChimp) where we announce upcoming dates and suggest topics that you might want training around. You can unsubscribe at any time.

I’ve written about the current two courses that run in October through ModelInsight, one focuses on improving skills around data science using Python (including numpy, scipy and TDD), the second on high performance Python (I’ve now finished writing O’Reilly’s High Performance Python book). Both courses focus on practical skills, you’ll walk away with working systems and a stronger understanding of key Python skills. Your developer skills will be stronger as will your debugging skills, in the longer run you’ll develop stronger software with fewer defects.

If you want to talk about this, come have a chat at the next PyData London meetup or in the pub after.

Ian applies Data Science as an AI/Data Scientist for companies in ModelInsight, sign-up for Data Science tutorials in London. Historically Ian ran Mor Consulting. He also founded the image and text annotation API, co-authored SocialTies, programs Python, authored The Screencasting Handbook, lives in London and is a consumer of fine coffees.

by Ian at August 20, 2014 08:24 PM

Python Anywhere

Slides for Giles Thomas' EuroPython talk now online

Our founder, Giles Thomas, gave a high-level introduction to our load-balancing system as a talk at this summer's EuroPython. There's a video up on PyVideo: An HTTP request's journey through a platform-as-a-service. And here are the slides [PDF].

by giles at August 20, 2014 12:21 PM

August 14, 2014

Python Anywhere

PythonAnywhere is looking for a new developer

ancient greek cult initiation

Fancy helping to build the Python world's favourite PaaS (probably)? We're looking for a "junior" programmer with plenty of smarts to come and join the team, learn the stuff we do, and inject some new ideas...

Job spec

Here's some stuff you'd be doing:

  • Working in an Extreme Programming (XP) shop, pair programming and TDD all day, woo*.

  • Coding in Python lots and JavaScript a bit, and maybe other stuff too (OK there's like 5 lines of Lua code somewhere. But you could come along and try and convert us all to ClojureScript or something...)

  • Devops! Or what we take it to mean, which is that you deploy to and administer the servers as well as write code for them. Lots of Linux command-line goodness in SSH sessions, and automated deployment stuff.

  • Sexy CV-padding technologies! Like Docker, nginx, websockets, Django, copy-on-write filesystems, Ansible, GNU/Linux (Ubuntu), virtualbox, vagrant, continuous integration, AWS, redis, Postgres, and even Windows XP! (although we're phasing that last one out, to our great chagrin). Don't worry, you don't have to know any of these before you show up, you'll get to learn them all on the job...

  • Learn vim (if you want to) much faster than you would on your own by being forced to pair program with vim cultists all too happy to explain the abstruse keyboard shortcuts they're using...

  • Get involved in the nonprogramming aspects of the business too (we all do!), like customer support and marketing. Honestly, that can be fun too.

  • Work near enough to Silicon Roundabout that you can walk to the Hacker News meetups, but not so near that you're forced to overhear bad startup ideas being pitched in every coffee shop

* The pair programming thing is an unbelievably good deal for new developers btw, there's just no faster way of learning than sitting down next to someone that knows and being able to ask them questions all day, and they're not allowed to get annoyed.

Person spec

Here's the kind of person we'd like

  • Smart -- academically or otherwise. A degree (CS or other), won't hurt, but it's not required either.
  • An enthusiastic programmer (but not necessarily Python and not necessarily professional)
  • A bit wacky (which doesn't mean you have to be an extrovert, just inclined to left-field ideas)
  • Willing to come and work here in sunny Clerkenwell
  • Willing to get paid less than you would at Google or a bank, in exchange for working in an exciting but relaxed tech-startup environment

Here's some stuff we don't care about:

  • Age
  • Male/Female/Black/White/Number of functioning limbs/Space alien.
  • Gaps in CVs
  • Current country of residence (as long as you're willing to move here promptly! You do need to be able to speak good English, and unfortunately we're too small to sponsor visas, so you need to already have the to right live + work in the UK)
  • Dress codes

Send us an email telling us why you'd like to work here, and a current CV, to

Image source: wikimedia commons, Eleusinian Mysteries

by harry at August 14, 2014 05:05 PM