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December 12, 2017

Python Anywhere

Introducing the beta for always-on tasks

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Today we're starting the beta for a new paid feature on PythonAnywhere: always-on tasks. If you have a paid account and would like to try them out, drop us a line at

With always-on tasks, you can keep a script constantly running. Once the feature's been switched on for your account, they can be set up in the "Tasks" tab -- you specify a bash command (eg. "python3.6 /home/username/"), and the system will start running it. If it exits -- say, if it crashes, or if the server has a problem -- it will be restarted quickly.

We'd be really grateful for any and all feedback people have about this. We've been testing it internally for some months, and a private beta has been running for a while -- so we're reasonably certain it's solid and reliable, but please do remember that it is currently beta, and there may be bugs we don't know about.

by giles at December 12, 2017 06:47 PM